Professor Kevin Zepper Visits Area High School To Teach Poetry

MSU Moorhead English Professor Kevin Zepper has taken it upon himself to visit regional high school English classes to help students learn about and create poetry.

On Monday, Dec. 16, he will be visiting a sophomore English class in Hancock, Minn. The class, which is currently focusing on the works of Emily Dickinson, will be enhanced by Zepper’s visit as a conclusion to their final English component of the semester. They will examine the rhythms, rhymes and subject matter akin to the great poet’s work.

Zepper will work with the students discussing and writing poetry in Dickinson’s metered style. He also will ask them to describe the town of Hancock through their poetry, along with various other subject matters as inspiration.

After the students have finished composing their “Dickinson-esque” poems, the class will read through the poems they have created within the class period.

Zepper is reaching out to high school students in the area, to highlight the benefits of poetry and help them discover their inner poet.

This effort is in conjunction with the Northern Lights Library Network.